About Angus Tech

Angus Tech Company Limited has many years’ experience in manufacturing PCB, over long time learning and searching, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise that is unparalleled by our competition. Our improvements to the manufacturing process have increased the ability of our customers to grow and develop more advanced products, without the high price.

In the dynamic industry of electronics, both established as well as emerging companies are faced with a vast array of challenges in design, marketing and manufacturing. The allocation of capital and management of resources is critical to meeting these challenges. Angus Tech has a state of the art facility that enables our clients to successfully overcome these challenges and produce the innovative, cutting-edge products which are so highly demanded in today’s market.

At Angus Tech, we take pride in providing an unmatched standard of service, quality, value, and on-time delivery to our customers. Our product turnaround can be expedited to 24 hours for prototypes and 2 weeks for small to medium quantity production runs.

When it comes to developing a complete product, Angus Tech offers a fully integrated array of services which include design, manufacture, assembly and functional testing to ensure the highest level of quality control. As a result, Angus Tech has the ability to provide you with exactly the services you require, at the best price, along with the peace of mind which comes from knowing that people manufacturing your product are qualified!

You can count on our unyielding commitment to provide superior quality products and services, while continually striving to exceed your expectations into the future!
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