Heavy Copper PCB

Product detail

Heavy Copper PCB is made by special material, the copper, base material, processing and application are different with normal PCB.

Most of Heavy Copper PCB is for high current, high voltage or high power, used for automotive electronic, communication equipment, aerospace, planar transformer, secondary power module and so on.

Nowadays, electronic products become more and more thin/small, thin multilayer heavy copper is becoming more and more popular.


What’s the technical point for Heavy Copper PCB?

See below:

1. How to control the thickness of the copper/circuits

2. How to control the lamination and the thickness of the PCB

3. How to control the quality when drilling

4. How to make soldermask for covering the gap between the heavy copper and base material


And here’s Angustech's capability for Heavy Copper PCB:

1. Max copper thickness can be 30oz(1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, even 10oz, 20oz or 30oz!,)

2. Soldermask can be 50um

3. Copper in vias can be 30um


If you request any boards similar to such item, please send detail to Lili.guo@angustech.com for quotation.