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Hot product, Aluminum board !
With the fast development of electronic such as power equipment, automation equipment, computer, Lamps & Lighting Fixtures, aluminum board become more and more popular. As experts predict, Al board will instead the function of traditional PCB. Compare with FR4 board, the thermal performance of Al board is much better; compare with ceramic plate, it solved problems such as frangible, high cost and so on. After more than 10 years' development, the manufacturing process has been relatively mature, so Al board was choiced frequently when a new electronic product designed.

Matt He and Iris Jin, the leader of Angus Tech, also paid much attention to Al board. In early 2006, they start their first Al board for an American while doing FR4 board business. Beside China mainland, we also build a mutually beneficial collaboration regarding aluminum board with more than 100 customers from Europe, American, Southeast Asia, Australia and so on. Prototype can be finished in 24 hours while mass production cost 4~5 days, we support projects of our customers perfectly. Till December 2009, we produce 8000 square meters PCB per month, and aluminum board was 30% of them! 13th March 2010,a customer from Russia who makes LED light purchase more than 5000 square meters Al board from us, they excited us, strenghed our belief of Al board's future.

At present, we're trying our best to develop Al board business. If there's any request or question, please email us at [email protected], we'll reply you as soon as possible!
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